Korean BBQ

Fast causal dining of K-BBQ

Autonomous cooking system applied

Choose your own plate, can get within 5 minutes

Tasty, healthy, and inexpensive

Open in California, September 2021

New type of

Korean BBQ franchise

Ordinary Korean BBQ restaurant franchises need a number of employees. 12 people normally needed to run a restaurant.

Hanmiso Express, however, a new type of Korean BBQ franchise will show you a fast-causal Korean BBQ restaurant in 2021.

5 employees needed, located downtown, full of tasty Korean barbecue & side menu, healthy ingredients, comfortable interior, inexpensive price.

AI based autonomous cooking facilities

From preparation work to serve a meal, whole process is managed by AI based cloud network.

Prep work, ingredients transfer, stir frying, oil frying, grilling, cutting, washing, fulfillment, payment...

All these autonomous/automated system can reduce 60% of labour cost.


Now on developing

September 2021,

Open in California, USA

신스타프리젠츠(주) | 대표 : 신기철, 신종명 | 서울 마포구 어울마당로 94-14, 1층

02-336-5982 | | 사업자등록번호 : 780-86-01695

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